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Posted: 12/7/2013 3:58 PM PST
thank you vurry vurry much lol i get to you when i can which will be soon since i have a lot of time on my hands
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Posted: 12/7/2013 3:57 PM PST
I am an eye for an eye kinda guy. You'll get some from me asap
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Posted: 12/7/2013 1:47 PM PST
Sure thing man. my story is also about superpowered characters. I'll give you some feedback as long as i get some.

here's my link: 
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Posted: 12/7/2013 5:09 AM PST
Yo, sent some feedback your way. I find it interesting, since it looks like we have nearly opposite styles of writing. Will keep reading as time allows. When you have time, if you could take a look at my story, that would be great. Here's the link...

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Posted: 12/6/2013 10:29 PM PST
Hello Internet world. My name is Jay and I have a potentially great actiony super power story. My specialty lies within characters but I'd like to know whether or not is actually good. I legitimately go feedback for feedback. Especially if your story is action or comedy. Anyways, would anyone like to give my story a chance?
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