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Posted: 9/24/2009 1:45 AM PDT
I'd recommend that for "The 24th Hour" you don't set it on April 4, 2009, as that day has already come and gone. Recommend you set it for four or five years from now. In fact, you should set all your uncoming stories five or so years into the future so that they're far enough away that you can finish before that time has come and gone. As for basic concepts and plots, check out Dr. Who. That whole series is based upon imminent disasters.
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Posted: 9/20/2009 1:25 PM PDT

Soon I will start a new series of books. At the moment it will be a series of three. It is distaster based. 1) "The 24th Hour". This is a thriller about 23 massive distasters each hour which leads to a major world changing event in the 24th hour. "The story revolves and starts with Jack Smith who is a widower, taking his daughter and son on the school run. Since his wife died, he worked at home, with dreams to be an author. However, since then a ravage fire swept through and destroyed his home. Forcing the family into sheltered accomodation, refusing to stay with the obssesive drunk of his brother, the family attempt to go back to originality. But, on the 15/04/2009 the day that will simply become known as "Event Zero" will occur. 2) "The 10 Days of Reform" This will include characters of old, and new, in a modernisation of the Ten Plagues of Egypt. Each of which occur over 10 days. Although the global stage will still be present the main focus is now in Egypt. 3) "The 1 Day to End the World: 2012" Enough said. I welcome all ideas. It can be locations, character developments, concepts, plots and basic brainstorming. Thanks, and I welcome everyone to give their thoughts.
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