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Posted: 10/2/2014 4:04 AM PDT
7.) Around January or February 2013- There was a sailing book a friend of mine one night was trying to read mostly towards me seemed like about this book, but I really didn't listen. Until I picked up the book myself a few minutes later.   Flipping through to random pages then it was like the book was talking directly towards me saying basically "The sooner I sail north the better things would get. Also to get everything, the right gear, housing, etc. (forget exactly), and people (stood out) everything to go with this move." I wondered why someone would write north specifically. The book was in type not hand written.   Next I flip to another random page. It reads how "To make sure my knife is in good condition/swift. (forget exactly)" That night I noticed my pocket knife was loosened so the blade didn't stand up right. That night I found out I was supposedly going to get jumped and my balls cut off at a bar but I was on radar about that then and left as a guy sitting right by the door asks "Hey, who the hell is he?" Crazy cause it told the future. I think this means that God works through people to send messages. To make a plan to head out north to my new home where things would be better because in Tucson half of the town was trying to kill me. Once I’m settled up north I think this means I should plan to head to heaven and my eventual home there. Knife situation is obvious why.   8.) Around January or February 2013- Another instance like this when reading the bible, can't remember where in the bible but I come across something that had similar feeling that it was written towards me about "How he didn't know he was god. And somehow found out because of wondering why he couldn't die." And how "He was promised 1,000 years by god" and things like this. Have never been able to find it in writing again I tried looking for it with the exact same in writing but couldn't find it. I think this means there may be a hidden code to the bible or people just re-worded what God or Jesus wanted them to record. 9.) Around February 2013- The day I probably should've went north but a couple weeks before I actually did. As I walked north from Richards on the southside the plant life came to full bloom as I walked up to it and went back to normal when I left. People noticed this and started painting buildings and things new but arrested by the police for doing so. This means that I give life to the world as I head north.   10.) Around February-March 2013- I've lost a lot of lighters obviously, and never even had the slightest thought one has possibly ever somehow reappeared when found a time after. There was a couple month period over which I found and had 3 lighters reappear back in my procession after being lost. // One was a (Red, 3 fluid valves, big lighter, I had the flame cranked up higher than its made for and sold at the stores set to, how I knew it was mine later.)Anyways I had it until I lost it when we were in my friend’s garage smoking out but I think he pocketed it. Couldn't prove it or nothing though.   Going on after losing the first one I get a (Red, "Gil" brand normal 2 fluid valve lighter.) Then one day at Jack in the Box, (next to the Maui Smoke shop.)I lost it from my waist band because I had sweatpants with no pockets that day. As I notice this a couple kids over talking about feeling bad taking it cause supposedly I was the second coming(Well that's what I got from them talking.) and next thing I knew I was watching as they take off in their car.   I go to the smoke shop after and ask if I could get fronted a lighter. The cashier acting weird when I did this and I could smell his B.O. All he does is flick a lighter and see the flame and hand it to me, don't even notice this was my lighter I lost at the garage until I got home smoking mostly cause of the flame size.   Next thing I know the kid I saw the kid that pocketed my lighter at Jack in the box, rides by on his bike and looks over at me and says "That's Awesome”. Me, not even knowing what he's talking about until I notice the lighter he took right next to my foot on the floor.   In San Diego I remember specifically seeing my (green mini Bic lighter) on the floor when using bathroom in Library and not remembering to pick it up. As I left the rest room I wondered why the guy in the stall said “That’s Awesome. Until I was outside. I lost the lighter.   Then later that day at Office Depot it reappeared in my pocket. It was then I wondered why god would send a miracle through something as small as a lighter reappearing explaining this to a fellow homeless person then it clicked in. This means that like the lighters Ana creates fire and reappeared.   11.) Around March-April 2013-   In Venice Beach as walking to the boardwalk at the stop light a black SUV pulls up. All the sudden someone starts screaming and pounding in the black SUV. The car behind it says "It's a setup", this voice I didn't know of at the time. I think it’s a setup like there's a baby in the back of the SUV or something.   So I just say "What the fuck?" and continue walking. As I walk away I hear "That chomo doesn't care about you" then I think. Was someone really just in trouble? I say a prayer about them.   Then few minutes later I hear "Fuck you" in tears from the guy that was screaming. Then few minutes later I hear God say "Gage your losing this war." then my heart sank.   Then a week or so later. I talked telecommunication to some guy (but later figured it was Lucifer doing so, not me.) He was telling his daughter next to him on the beach how we were having a complete conversation and everything. Then I think it was the Lucifer voice but he supposedly got executed in a car next to me. (Witch has really happened in front of me before) and then I heard his voice say "I'm in heaven. Thank-yoouu!" This means that the black SUV takes the guy to hell like I said before. Maybe also theirs more people going to hell then heaven if I’m losing. With the second guy, if people believe in me and die they go to heaven   12.) Around March 2013- As heading north through North California, I got this constant voice that started to follow me everywhere and talks constantly so only I can still faintly hear him and talks though and under certain noises, specifically if it has a "whooshy" or air moving sound like cars passing by, Or the wind blowing around my ears as I almost fly on my bike. Other random sounds like the keyboard being typed right now. The air conditioning. Its name given was "Head Demon”. I’ve come to find out this constant voice is Lucifer.  I've heard of Lucifer talking subliminally to Jesus. And I've read an article about me. How certain people have found Lucifer subliminally talking to the second coming in movies, music, everything cause he does that like no other. Lucifer was to be subject to a 1,000 years of a certain type of "In-imprisonment" before his final fall to earth after the second coming and the end of the world. And I think it was Leonardo da Vinci or someone famous in time had a vision of a very old man dying in great pain and a huge wave engulfing the world.   Even according to certain Muslim writings there's known "Satan whispers" even though I've never studied much of Muslim beliefs system before. Supposedly "Allah frees people from them" in some writings and it’s a kind of rejoicing of God that Lucifer has been brought to such a low. Yet known to me still amazingly powerful abilities. This Lucifer can control people in a way but doesn't force you to rape or nothing, And only I realize when they work though me but seems like when other people are controlled by him they have no idea at all seems like. Lucifer can control your thought process,(this is one thing that's hard for me to notice), make you think things it wants you to, completely get a blank mind, deceive you, all the way to body motions, spit, pick nose, shake head violently, drive faster or stop.   13.) Around March 2013-   Near San Jose California from this little voice I found out supposedly God was mad cause I hadn't headed north enough and there was going to be a tornado. Sure enough one 30-40 miles away touches down and then one about touches down 10-20 feet from me until. I remember this voice saying I had a power from God to command things to happen if I picture it in my head and say "Final". But I could say "Reverse" to change things back. So I just said reverse and the tornado went back up into the sky and clouds went scattered out everywhere from there. I was scared, amazed, and happy at the same time.   It was that same night the huge storm clouds followed my path exactly like I mean before I even hit the turn in the free way the clouds had moved towards the turn already. And the plants came to full life when I passed them and went back to normal when I left. The voice commanded me to keep walking until the sun rose. So I did, then I stopped, the clouds stopped and slowly scattered. I think this was set up by Lucifer after God told me “Nobody controls the sky” in the song sent to me to head north. I think Lucifer controls the sky. He wants me to continue going north until I rise.       14.) February-August 2013-   I traveled north all the way to San Diego for a 5 weeks, Venice beach 2 weeks, San Francisco 2 days etc. then after a chain of events lead me to Oregon at where when walking literally on the border of the state I felt a great re-leaf, and things go from day to night.   In which I at time thought it would only get better the farther I went. So I went straight through to Washington, chilled around Olympia a week, Seattle 2 days. Then went to Canada in North Vancouver the biggest city around that was north looking for home.   Nothing more occurred so I continued until I got caught in North Canada for running in front of traffic because I'm immortal, and pretty sure the guy giving me a ride had tried killing me.  I couldn't feel my hands and asked why the guy said "You tell me?" and gave me a look. Then later said I could turn the cooler off. I was like "I'm good." The numbness went away when I left. I also had been walking in middle of nowhere all day so I was pissed.   Anyways I was an illegal so they deported me. I got left at the border at Blaine I think it’s called on the Washington/Canadian border where I started a long time ago. So pretty much wanted to do this go North thing but now I'm north what’s there to do? Homeless, nothing on me but smokes and clothes so said fuck it lets see if I can get a job and head back north the right way. Now I'm building up money and eventually have to go back to Oregon.   15.) Around April 2014-   In a vision. I see in a shady kind of view, clouds and open sky. Then a kitchen layout with lines like used for construction. Then we're in that kitchen, we're at Mc. Donald’s where I worked in front of the deep fryers and Lajuana my boss was there. At first it felt like real life but in a dream still, Lajuana asking me "If I wanted to do maintenance?"  So I went ahead and said "yeah sure". Then in a black and white state I reached under a fryer for a bucket.  Then next second its real dreamy ecstatically bright and detailed and I was watching as from the blackness faded into Lajuana as I'm behind watching as she pulls up a huge basket of fries out the oil and moves it to the other side of the fryer. Then had a face to face conversation where her eyes where so beautiful as she told me "How could you leave them frying like that?". I just looked at the fries.   Then it’s like a dream again, not as detailed. I think I said something to Lajuana but don't know if it was me, I don't remember. Then I get sucked into the fryer. Then I'm talking to her outline she says "Oh yeah?" and can't make out what little else and moves the basket of fries around. Then as she pulls out a tray of fish from the deep fryer and sets it on the tray above the first. The weird thing is Lucifer little voice talks from the fryer all the time. And the fryers not where you store fish usually.   The next day at work Lajuana asked me to clean under a fryer if I wanted to work maintenance. Where I removed a bucket from under and swept. I could tell she was hinting something. I think this mean’s Lajuana’s in place as God. I’m going to work on/cleaning the deep fryers. (Hell) God pulls fries (people) out of the deep fryers (hell) and to the other side. Wondering why I didn’t. Then I’m in Lucifer’s position in the fryers, she then gets another fish (person) and moves it up.
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