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Posted: 4/5/2013 1:52 PM PDT
Robocopter Ski Patrol is an action-comedy book, much along the lines of Archer. The year is...some year. Let's say the present. Yellow cake uranium sits, waiting to be sold, in a foreign country. The leader hides himself away, fearing assassination - as he should, because that's how the country works. It's kind of a stupid country. And well he should worry, for skulking his way around Europe is an ambitious Baron just looking for the right opportunity to seize the throne and all the powers and chances that come with it. If only his pets would stop exploding... Across the ocean, Adam Bitchenstein attempts to win over Miss Girl from Ipanema for the nth time. However, a phone call from out of the blue will change everything in their lives forever. It's always a phone call, right? Join Adam, Miss Girl from Ipanema, and a cast of idiots and perverts as they seek to stop the balance of world power from changing before it's too late. Also, there's a Robocopter. Not sure if you picked that up's kind of important. It's now available on Createspace ( and on Amazon for Kindle ( and should be up next week on Amazon for the physical copy!
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