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Perfect words without the perfect artwork? Meet your match in our illustrators forum.
Posted: 2/24/2014 4:47 AM PST
Hi there!
We're a group of young Spanish developers and illustrators who are working on a serious TCG (Trading Card Game) project. As we don't have any echonomical resources, we're looking for illustrators who enjoy fantasy context and games to collaborate with us. Of course, their name will appear in any card they draw, and that could be interesting for them in order to launch their career as an artist.

We don't need a strong compromise or work from illustrators. Anybody may donate a single illustration just to make their name appear in the project and who knows...maybe become more famous :) Of course, we need "cool" illustrations, as we're working on a serious commercial product (or at least we're trying to make it real;)) which customers must like. If anybody wants to go further and collaborate with more implication in the project, we'll talk about our compromise of payment for their illustrations, just in case we have success with the product.

The context of the game is, as I mentioned, a fantasy wargame in TCG format. There are 6 kingdoms with very different "souls":
   - Barbarians and cavern creatures.
   - Castle, knights and priests.
   - Hell, demons and abyssal creatures.
   - Nature: forest and seas.
   - Wizards: arcane or technical mages.
   - Necromancers, undead and black mages.

Do you like any of them? Put your print into our project!

Thank you very much for reading this post, we're really looking forward your help/collaboration. Interested people contact by email to, and I'll reply as soon as possible to tell you more about our project!

Best wishes for all of you, wherever you are.

Marco Martínez.
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