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Posted: 12/19/2008 8:58 AM PST
I really hope somone has some ideas I can use.
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Posted: 12/12/2008 8:15 AM PST
I am so stuck I can't even come up with new ideas. I can't think of anything to write at all. I have two projects where I can't think of what should happen next. "Fantasy Legends" and "The Darkstar Prophecy". The last chapter is where I am stuck on both of them. I opened them up for others to write so just write or add a comment any ideas would be helpful to get me past this point. Please read the other chapters to familiarize youself but if you don't want I will summerize here and tell you a little bit of what I want to happen. Fantasy Legends- This book is about a high school girl named Kara. Her father is the owner of a company that created the most popular online role playing game on the market. She is an amazing player in this game and loves playing it. But in regular life she wants to be normal and not have people treating her differently because of her father. So she changes schools to try to have a "normal" life. Of course she realizes that the game is intruding in her regular life. If her new friends connect the dots befween her and her character they might just figure out who her father is and one of the guys she likes just happens to be the son of one of her fathers main competitors. I am stuck at a point in the story where Kara is reunited with someone she dislikes named Jared. He likes her but he is egotistical and mean spirited and would only want to control her. They are having dinner with her parents so he can't do anything blatent in front of the adults. I need to get past this and back to her relationships at school. Eventually I want her to fall for the guy named Logan who's father is a rival or her father's. Of course his father wouldn't want them together so tries to interfere and Logan himself is moody and a little egotistical and controlling but he comes to really care for her. The Darkstar Prophecy- This story is about a normal girl that gets transported into another world. She is mistaken for a lost princess and takes on that role to help find the culprit and in return get help to find her way home. While there she learns of a prophecy that seems to imply that she is supposed to save the world. She falls in love with a man but becuase of circumstances they can't be together. At the point in the story where I am stuck Jacky, the heroine has just met Lucivon at a ball. He is actually a dark elf and is disguised as a light elf. Jacky sees him as he is but doesn't realize the significance. I just don't know how to write this and the ball itself seems week to me. So please read it and tell me what you think of the last chapter. Jacky will later discover that she has another personality hidden that will come out and this person is a demon. I don't know how to explain without taking up too much space just read what I have and tell me what you think.
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