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Posted: 10/11/2016 11:15 AM PDT
Prison  Day after day all I see are the same walls painted in the same dull pinkish color. The same small bed with one set of blankets and a pillow. The same books that lie on the floor next to my bed, I try to read them every once in a while, so that I never get too bored of them but I must have read them about a million times. Then there’s the small window that teases me every day showing me the outside world but never letting me through to it. The only thing’s that change are the disgusting meals they feed me and even they can be predicted depending on what day it is.

Mysterious man Very little is known of the old man who now occupies the old Morgan residence, only that he has a very peculiar wardrobe with all his capes and fancy hats. He would often be seen taking walks around town with a face of disgust almost as if the very look of the town and the people gave him a sour and bitter taste in his mouth. Even more mysterious is that recently he has not been seen coming out of his house or taking walks. Rumors have been spreading of bold individuals who venture near his residence and are never heard of again. It is said that if you are brave enough to go near his house in the darkest hours of the night you can hear his maniacal laughter as he goes about his evil deeds.

One-Sided love  It’s a tricky business a one-sided love is. Finding yourself constantly in pain comparable to a cold and sharp knife piercing your heart. You may think you can escape to your soft bed and warm dreams only to find yourself thinking of what it would feel like to hold her in your arms. You’re a victim of a storm called love and it has shaken, pushed and thrown you around. Just when you feel like you can’t endure any longer she gives you one smile and suddenly you fall in love all over again.

One-Sided Love Part 2  My imagination runs rampant with thoughts of her only to quickly come to my senses and realize that I should keep them to myself. I have never been a victim of torture but I am quite sure that it must come close to what I feel now. As if it was not bad enough that I knew I could not have her before, now I know that there is somebody who can have her. It eats away at me every time I think about it and the only remedy I have is to distract myself and try not to think too hard on it. I no longer know what It is I want I only know it has something to do with her.  

Test Me  Buried for days under this large pile rocks and boulders my only comfort is that I am with her, but she hardly talks and when she does it is only to tell me to move a little. She has no idea that I am the one holding all the rocks in place and that the small trickle she feels on her leg is blood and not water from the large hole in my abdomen caused by a sharp piece of metal. Then again how could she, in her eyes I am only that skinny annoying kid who has a crush on her. I hope that help comes soon I start to lose consciousness every now and then, it’s a miracle that I have been able to stay awake this long. Almost instantly my prayers were answered with a ray of light and a voice that said “are you guys alright over there?” – To be continued.    

Ask Me With this new ray of light comes a look of horror from her face as she realizes that what she was feeling on her leg was blood all along and not water. “Why?” she asks and the only response I can think of is “anything for you.” I know I only have some seconds left of consciousness so I shout to the man rescuing us “Get her out first and then come for me, I’ll be fine.” A lie of course, but It was all I could think of at the moment. The man gives me a worried look, I think he knows that I’m stopping this all from coming down so he takes her out first. With a bit of trouble, the man successfully takes her out through a gap in the rubble. As soon as I hear shouts of joy from outside I know she is fine and I also hear the man say “I should go back for him now.” But as soon as she’s out the strength I had before leaves me, and the delicate structure of rubble above me collapses but not before I imagine her smiling face one last time.

A Vision of Sorts a true story A bright yellow light surrounds me but I try not to focus on it as I close my eyes and begin praying. Some time passed, how much I do not know as I was deeply concentrated in prayer but suddenly the music and even my own voice begin to fade. I see the bottom half of a man’s face surrounded by the same yellow light I am sure was around me. I have never seen this man before in my life but yet he seems so familiar as If he resembled someone I knew. He begins to speak to me but I cannot hear what he has to say and although at the moment I felt nothing, later on I would feel great disappointment in this. When he finishes speaking the vision fades and I know that he was somewhere around me because I recognized that yellow light but when I look around me he is nowhere to be found.
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