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Posted: 10/2/2014 5:20 AM PDT
20.) January-February 2014-   One night headed to the South side to Richards house people randomly started appearing in the cars around me. One a girl crying, another a guy that just nodded his head kind of and looked at the driver. I seen a guy texting people when he saw them. Next thing I know. This guy appears like the others and was texting sending a message, then he looked at the guy next to him.   This guy in a truck tried pointing a gun at the guy nodding his head looking at him and he just went back into this thin air realm and then shows his fore arm slightly pushing on the world from the realm then comes back in the world and grabs the guy trying to shoot and brings him into the realm to show him something then pushes him out.   April 2014-I start looking in cars and people throw up like from the Excercist. Move their head looking like the Matrix how you can see the movement of their head moving stuck in motion still, like slow-motion in a way. Crazy shit.   Now September 2014- Last few months when I look at people in cars they do weird things, like smile, laugh, wave, full body movements, stare at me stuck, etc. Also people, dogs, and black shadows etc. appear in the cars also. I think it mean’s when God’s around or looks over people Lucifer processes them. I think the people that appear are dead people that Lucifer takes the form of.   21.) Late May 2014-   I had decided one day out of no where to pray to God like every few hours for awhile and on and off periods of time since then. Around this time I also was wondering if something amazing was supposed to happen for me to head north. Like a wall of fire.   Anyways I later that night came across a Dub-step mix and in this I heard a part of a song that made me feel similarities to me in getting message to go north in past. Then after listening to the whole song like 2-3 times (Because for some reason I really liked it.) I first noticed how the singers voice kind of changed into a kind of little slower and hesitant sounding compared to all the other times I've heard it. Didn't click in at the moment but later realized it's like exactly what I do from time to time when Lucifer's talking through/to another person around me and says what I'm praying to God. I don't like it because it's mostly things between me and God, but don't mind to represent for Him.  Then 3-4 times listening to it I noticed there wasn't Lucifer anywhere. He hasn't stopped constantly talking and mind fucking me until at these moments during the original, first video listed on YouTube played first 8-9 times.   After a while I listened to a different version of the song not noticing. Lucifer was changing what the girl singing was saying while singing it like he usually does with all my music lately. I start listening to the first one over and over trying to get the original. After a while the singer’s voice changed back to normal but Lucifer is still in the beat and talks through the people in the video and in the background. Pissed but I was just glad the song was back to what God made it.   I think it's obviously a sign to not wait for a miracle and head north. Ever since Lucifer spiritually towards me in completely stronger. He can do many multiple of things I'll try to list later but some of them are from earlier and things are being revealed to me pretty fast like as I write this at the moment, like techniques of Lucifer and how it does what it does. Sometimes different insights on God. Anyways the song is:  Above and Beyond-You Got To Go   I plan on taking a bicycle trip to Oregon from Tucson. I already have most the gear just need the right bike I chose and $12,000 saved up and some education started and I'll be there. About 3-4 years I'd say. I think when we pray to God where really singing for him. Music is deep in his heart. We should try to sing to him as often as we can then. He then sung to me through the silence for me to head north. I don’t know why ,its unsafe or maybe Lucifer will stop if I do. The song tells me to dream on about miracles happening like a wall of fire, but this is where it begins. To move my feet, travel by using your own body like I just so happened to walk a good part the first trip. To feel how it is to feel.  Gather everything I need, and then choose a direction and go.Follow my signs and what they mean. Got to keep my ideals high.Know whats right between wrong. The sky belongs to nobody even me. I should keep hold of all I ‘am, from the start.   22.) June 2014-   I'm watching a football game and Lucifer talks subliminally through the crowd and usually I'm the only one that hears him. Lucifer says "Whoever believes now stay sitting" as they score. A big Mexican guy with a shaved head looks around him to see half the people sitting. Then sees someone looking at him. Mexican sees and nods his head like "What’s up?” I have a feeling this guy isn’t a normal guy hating on me. He probably has ties to Ana and isn’t human. Since he looks just like Lucifer from  the vision  and he understands Lucifer. Lucifer always said he was a “Head Demon”.   23.) June 2014-   I'm in a setup of my room as a wake up, it feels scary. Then when I look down to the side of my bed there's a little girl dressed up in skirt and pigtails with no face and I get scared and say "I'm sorry". Then she disappears. Lucifer’s saying my children are giving me the finger also, but forgive me. 24.) Some examples of when I found out I'm immortal are 1.) On a very strange day I was poisoned and my stomach tore open. It felt like I was pissing in myself. After a while it just stopped. 2.) One night all I hear is a click and some guy say "Fuck he's god". I look up to see a couple people on a roof with a sniper rifle aimed at me, I just smile and continue walking. 3.) One night some guys pulled up next to me and the guy in the back seat with open window pulled a machine gun out of his jacket and started shooting. All I see is the shooter moving like he’s shooting and everything but nothings coming out. I just laugh and continue biking home. 4.) Cars have  stalled out trying to hit me before. Them looking at me like what the fuck? 5.) 2 car bombs self-exploded smoldering next to me as I walk by. 6.) Injected with something bad or lethal as the people walked away laughing about it. And put in a room where I couldn't breathe. 7.) Had some grey chemical put in my shoes on a rainy night. Caused a hole in my foot. 8.) People where paid off not to serve me at hospitals and people even waiting in waiting rooms keeping watch. 9.) People have tried putting things in blankets that just made my head leak puss and shit like that.     To settle it once and for all since everyone thinks I'm a child molester or raped 4 children, some bullshit like that. Nope but I will tell you something that's none of your business I ‘am attracted to younger teens. I don't know why just I ‘am but couldn't really be open about it so I would just look at different pictures some younger some not I thought where hot. Then again on Facebook the other day I seen a 21 year old and a 12 year old posting everywhere their together and I'm only 20. In Mexico that's sometimes common I hear also. So I don't know how you all got this idea I'm a child molester from clothed pictures, ask someone who knows. And I lost my virginity to that most likely someone to end this.  
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