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Posted: 9/13/2014 7:45 PM PDT
Perhaps I am bringing my personal philosophy into this a little too much, however I consider the idea that certain words are 'bad' positively absurd. The concept of certain words being uncouth is, to my mind, a hangover from a victorian preoccupation with certain aspects of human existence being perceived as 'wrong' morally, potentially due to religious grievances.
In my opinion, firstly this is outdated given that we're in an era where talking about certain things, such as sex, is perfectly natural and acceptable. I think I would not be alone when I say that if someone were to chastise me about speaking candidly about someone's breasts I would laugh and call them an anachronistic moron. Second their idea of morals has no application to me given that firstly morality is subjective to my mind - what you consider immoral has no bearing on how I conduct myself. To expand on this, since I consider it illogical to perceive one word as 'bad' because it describes a sex organ, I am free to use this word.
Because of this I feel perfectly free to say "Robert's swollen cock penetrated deep into the murky depths of Samantha's gaping bunghole". If this makes you angry then I believe the appropriate response to describe my reaction is 'lol'.
With that being said, the consequence of a word being perceived as taboo is that there is a natural reaction to this by the more juvenile members of society - 'edgy' kids who want to appear iconoclastic often make overuse of vulgarity as they feel they have something to prove. Often this persists into adulthood in people who have underdosed on IQ points.
I believe how one is perceived is of some importance. Particularly as a writer. I would not use words like 'tits' or 'butt' when speaking in my narrative voice simply because I am not twelve. 


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Posted: 9/11/2014 7:07 PM PDT
By "If someone uses it as a 'naughty' word", I meant by using it as an insult rather than directing it toward someone's butt. Just to clarify.
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Posted: 9/11/2014 7:03 PM PDT

I know this is a very late and long response, BUT, here it is anyways.......

I used to curse like a sailor about two or so years ago, but after considering morals and how cussing reminded me of a past that I'd rather not reconnect with, I decided to stop entirely. That decision has a huge impact on my response, so that's a heads up.

Before we categorize indiviual men and women under one single view, which both genders do often, lets just remember everyone's different no matter the gender. I feel the sex of a person doesn't make a difference in this case when it comes to the usage of these words, because after more people are brought into the world, those percentages will flip. Not saying that your observations are wrong or anything (unless for some strange reason you made this all up), but what I'm trying to do is make sure this doesn't turn into "men vs. women" like some topics do, which is frustrating for everybody in some way.

My Views:

Honestly, I find "tits" is modern dialect that's formed in today's generation and it caught around, which isn't necessarily good or bad. Just be careful and sensitive toward a person you don't know well, because there are people who will get offended, even though you may not mean tits in a rude way. I refer to them as breasts or boobs, depending on the situation, because where I'm raised tits is used in a rude manner or a sexual harrassing manner (mainly by teenage boys). Though if I know you well, or at least know that you say it with a kind heart, I honestly wouldn't mind. I just can't bring myself to say tits, which is a personal problem.

For me, ass counts as a curse word. I often use butt, buttocks, rear [end], behind, or tush (the four latters I mostly use in a teasing manner). I literaly only use ass maybe when I'm refering to a donkey, not someone's actual ass. Though, I understand ass is not a curse word if you're refering to someone's rear end, but then again, I just feel sick to my stomach after saying stuff like that. But it's different for other people, I get that, so I don't usually mind if it's used as a compliment (of course), or in daily conversation, and actually directed towards someone's ass. If someone uses it as a "naughty" word, I also don't mind, because you can say whatever you want, just try to keep on the down low around the smaller ones. It was a personal choice when I made the decision not to cuss, not a world-wide thing (some people don't get that.) Anyways, that is my strange outlook on things... lol (:

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Posted: 3/4/2014 8:29 AM PST
I was having a discussion with FinneanNilsen about the use of the words 'Boobs', 'Butts', 'Tits' and 'Ass'. I realized that there are different connotations applied to words by different people so I thought I'd throw it out there for open discussion. I really want to hear other people's views on this. Being a guy I thought it might be interesting if women thought about it differently. I suggest we leave other gender specific body parts out of this.

My views:
Boobs vs. Tits. If you stop off in the food court and chance on a gaggle of teenage girls the conversation inevitably turns to boys and/or clothes. Occasionally you hear one of them say " tits..." but more often you hear "... my boobs..." Adult women, it seems, are more likely to say "tits" than "boobs". The word 'tits' has a stronger sexual connotation so if they are talking about sex you'd hear 'tits' more often than boobs. The male species, on the other hand, use the word 'tits' more than boobs, even the young ones. I always thought the words 'boobs', 'boobies' and 'titties' sounded immature and I may, on a rare day, use the first but never the others.

Butts vs. Ass. I could say similar things about the word's 'butt's' and 'ass' although the terms are more interchangeable. I could easily tell a girlfriend "I love your butt." or "I love your ass." But even there the word 'butt' has a more playful feel to it. If a bunch of guys are hanging out and a 'hot' woman walks by you're more likely to hear. "Check out that ass." Woman I have known seem to use the word 'ass' when they are checking guys out while young girls seem to use the word 'butt' more.

Of course these are my views and are based solely on observation, but I really be interested to hear yours.
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