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Posted: 2/15/2017 11:30 PM PST
The dawn burns across the horizon transforming the landscape into a fiery orange sea. The mornings are always beautiful here I think to myself as I stand alone looking at the mesmerizing scene. The breeze starts to blow in bringing with it the smell of last night’s rain. This is the first time I’ve ever been here alone without my mother. It feels different with just myself in this overgrown meadow at the edge of a grove. It is lonely. I remember all the times my mother brought me here as a child. It was her favorite place to relax and to celebrate small holidays only we knew. My mother. She was beautiful. She had short, wispy, curly, brown hair that always stuck to her face in hot summers. She would always try her best to pin up the little hair she had. I would watch her while she sat at her vanity for hours trying to tame her hair. She would usually give up after she noticed me watching. Once she would notice me there, she would turn and give me an embarrassed smile. It was a strange routine. Her eyes were emeralds, full of life. It was like her eyes had a story to tell every time I looked at them. She could never keep a secret her face always revealed the truth. She was every inch of beautiful even her name was beautiful, Morsette. I could only wish possess half of her beauty. I was given the name Ophelia a name that doesn’t suite me. I have a freckled face, short hair just like my mother’s, and dark brown eyes that hide all intentions. Dull. Plain. Simple.    
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