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Posted: 2/28/2015 6:14 PM PST
I'd like to review your writing. Sounds like an interesting idea you have there. I am writing something new called By Sea that I want feedback for. It is a story I just started and am writing in an as-it-comes sort of way since that seems to work for me. It is women's fiction/fantasy-or at least I presume that's how it'll turn out because that's what I write. No abuse or erotica. Maybe romance and drama. 
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Posted: 12/27/2014 10:03 AM PST
Hey all! I'm looking to make connections with other writers who would be interested in forming a tight group of feedback for feedback. Right now I need a few people to look at my WIP, The Thing About Apples:

"For her fifteenth birthday, Anoira White's step-mother bought her a boyfriend." 

So begins the coming-of-age tale of Anoira White, a young girl with undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome growing up under the thumb of her high maintenance step-mother, Hilde. As she and her best friends, 'affectionately' known as the Ice Princess and her Seven Littles, attempt to navigate the many pitfalls of puberty in their own way, Ann will come to learn what it means to truly accept the way she was made- though at what price? 

The third installment of the Once Upon a Reality series, being a modern re-telling of Snow White

Soon I will also be posting my WIP of a new fantasy series, and will be looking for feedback partners on that. I prefer to read women's fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi, though I'll read just about anything excepting stories that are solely about abuse (of any kind) or erotica. Private message me the name and gist of your project to see if we'd be a good feedback-for-feedback fit- I tend to work on a chapter-for-chapter basis just to keep things fair. 

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