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Posted: 9/6/2015 9:32 AM PDT

I was just looking at the Beta site for the new version of Webook and reading the rules. We'll be keeping our five point anonymous rating system, which I like. We will also be keeping Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3 rating. We will be keeping the word limits which is both a plus and a minus. The limits force you to use every word wisely. It also means that when you get something good, you want to read more. I've read too many published books where I felt the author should have done another run through.

The part I am unsure of is where it talks about Week 1, Week 5, and week 10. Does that mean a submission will be open for only a set period of time before it goes up or is rejected? What happens to our old submissions that are still in the system? I have two submissions still active from before the blackout. They have over 100 votes each.  I also have one submission that has 22 votes and a 54% approval rating. It hasn't been voted on in several months. What will happen to it?

I'm not concerned as such but I do want to know what the policy is.

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