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Posted: 1/6/2010 3:43 AM PST
Hi everyone... I just found this website today, and I thought of posting a couple of my Poems just for feed back. They are poems/songs from a novel that I'm writing. It's a fantasy sort of novel, about Africa, which I'm gonna call "Afrika". It's based on ancient times and all the characters are animals, and its HUGE... still working on it. It's my 1st novel. And to help me get along with the story I have been writing poems which will probably go in the novel as well. I posted three, of which two of them are about a young Gorilla whose tribe has been slaughtered by Leopards or "Pards". The 3rd isn't complete yet, and is about the how the whole story begins. So anyway, It would be really awesome if you can read them and spare a minute to tell me what u think, any comment will be accepted graciously as I'm a newbie... Thankx Damian
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