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Something not working the way it should?  Let us know here.
Posted: 4/5/2016 6:01 AM PDT


Hi MisterCroptub,

You should email the support team at - they'll be able to help you get your password(s) reset or get a new email address added on to your account to replace the one that's not in use.

Hannah from the WEbook Team
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Posted: 3/23/2016 11:21 AM PST
Logged into webook under Mistercroptub. But have a different gmail and will never be able to remember my password. How do I get around not being able to confirm an old email. I joined 6 years and have been off and on over the last 4 years. Hope you can help. Matthew Anthony Rome' Burris AKA Mistercroptub
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Posted: 4/16/2011 10:13 AM PDT
check your email
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Posted: 4/15/2011 9:31 AM PDT
i have just been trying to logout of the website and it wont so i think there is either something wrong with the website or my computer so can anyone give me some help on this weird matter.
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