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Posted: 7/10/2013 12:53 AM PDT


We think you're not reading the challenge carefully enough! We can assure you that nothing has changed since we posted the original challenge... The title of the challenge is 'The End' as in the end of a story. The last line is where all stories end, so that's where they go... We weren't trying to be cryptic and we're pretty sure that no-one else has misunderstood... apologies if there was any confusion for you!
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Posted: 7/7/2013 11:58 PM PDT
I noticed the rules were changed for the Webook July 2013 Challenge- After many had entered with your requirements of using either of three lines at the end of our work. I went to the Webook July 2013 challenge- to view some ones work and was supprised to see the old rules/requirements were removed and in they - place This is what I read- 'The End. A challenge this month to find out where we want to go.' (I also noticed the June webook challenge entries early which I was supprised by.) What's going on webook? Is this challenge for your members webook. ? Or is it a question for your staff? I mean to say it's only the 8/7/2013 here(yes we are a day ahead of the USA in Australia.) If it's a chellenge for your staff? you tell your members and we will both know.!! I feel there are also bugs in your members pages & profiles which has been pointed out to you many times, but not fixed. I feel there may be a scamner at work?Or you may have problems? Hope if it's a' glitch'- webook can fix all glitches now. I wish you well,
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