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Posted: 1/15/2011 12:31 PM PST
Fern has forgotten the last three months but with a kiss her memories are awoken. Throughher personal interpretation of her flash backs Fern starts to discover that some things are best forgotten! The manuscript was finished and uploaded to WeBook last year (in about January 2010). Then I took it down (around April 2010) and have edited it around ten times now. I'm hoping it is now ready, however, please let me know if you have any suggestions. Gerne: Paranormal/Romance Target Audience: Young Adult Blurb: Fern can't imagine her life without her best friend Sam. They had been inseparable since birth. Now, Sam’s mum and her fiancé have bought a house on the other side of town - no longer next door. Back to school they find they have no classes together anymore and Sam begins to make new friends easily. He takes a liking to another girl, Jen, who's pretty and popular; everything that Fern is not. Now Fern wants to be more than just friends but there's no chance that Sam would ever go for her. Not when he could have Jen who is perfect at everything. Fern can't even cast a spell, unlike her mum who is regularly booked for her fortunetelling skills. Then, Fern discovers something she is good at… swimming. When Fern isn't at the pool, she finds herself drifting off with scenarios where she is Jen and Sam is hers. Fern realises that she doesn't want Sam and Jen to kiss, not ever! With an unusual offer from Murray the swim team superstar, Fern has the chance to ruin the blossoming romance... but at what cost? And with all the 'fishy' things that keep happening, her complicated romantic life is just the start of her problems.
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