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Posted: 4/29/2011 12:43 PM PDT
Dear round 3 reviewers, We've heard complaints from raters who read the 50 pages and are ready to submit a review and find that the submission is no longer available for review. We understand how disheartening that experience is given the effort it takes to read 50 pages and crystallize a thoughtful and constructive review and a rating. The reason the submission is not available for review is that it's been removed from rating as a result of our weekly "elevation" meeting. This is not a problem in earlier rounds, where reviews are typically entered in minutes, but in the case of 50-page submission it may take days between you download and start reading a submission and the time you are ready to submit your review. The good news is it should be a very rare, as it's not too often that we remove a submission as it's reviewed. We have also changed the way we handle 50-page submissions: when a submission reaches the desired number of ratings (currently 10) we Suspend it from rating. A suspended submission will not be shown to new readers, but any reader who already downloaded is able to enter a review. Entries are kept in suspended state for at least two weeks before we actually process them, so it gives ample time to any raters to finish reading and complete the review. If it so happens that after all the above precautions - whether you took longer than two weeks or we botched the suspended state management - the above problem happens to you, don't despair: send us a note at our support mailbox and let us know which submission it is. If you send us the review and a rating we might be able to get it in all the same. If the submission has been decided upon it will not change the outcome, but at least the author will have the benefit of the review, which is the most important reason. Happy rating, Eran Amitai On behalf of the WEbook team
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