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Posted: 1/16/2010 1:06 PM PST
The Shadowsword Saga - Vol. 1: Children of the Dragon The hero of ancient prophecies, she is destined to save her destroying the world. Hey guys, Raven Clark here. Just an FYI to Shadowsword readers/fans. (You may have seen a posting in the fantasy forum "Final Change in Plans." Not to worry, I am not altering the book yet again--this is just a reposting of that notice). As some of my readers know, due to an issue in the plotline of the saga's original first book, I have decided to use that novel as a prequel, and move the second book so that it serves as the series opener. In the original opening novel, the Shadowsword was a baby, which meant she could only be so interactive with the other characters in the series. She played an instrumental role in the plot, influencing others simply by being, but not in a direct fashion, only through the prophecies connected to her. I have learned this is a potential problem for a first time author introducing a new series. As such, beyond the prologue, all chapters are those that used to be from book 2. You will be happy to know I am keeping the original book's prologue for the "new" Children of the Dragon, as well as "Between all things..." the short paragraph that preceeds it. Both that paragraph and the prologue have been modified (for pace and strength), but they remain the same at the core, so feel free to skip them if you wish. To date, up to chapter 3 is posted on the novel, but more will be added soon. I will continue to update you when new chapters are posted, both here, and on facebook, on the Shadowsword fan page. To those who read the original Children of the Dragon, as always, thank you for the time you have taken to read my work. Your support means more than you know. Your feedbacks and advice have been invaluable, and I welcome the same on this novel. Fans of Shadowsword, if you liked the old Book 1, you will enjoy this one even more. The changes are huge, yes, but necessary, and trust me, you won't be disappointed. Any questions about the Shadowsword Saga, feel free to post them here, or on Facebook. You may also message me on WEbook anytime. Looking forward to hearing from all of you again soon. Happy WEbooking, and enjoy the new Children of the Dragon. WEbook: FACEBOOK: Raven
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