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Your one and only place in the forums to introduce your project.  Include enough information in your overview to make us say, "Hey, I've got to put down my cheesburger, turn off the TV, and read this."  Include a link for easy access.
Posted: 6/30/2015 9:54 PM PDT
        Hi!......I hope you had a wonderful weekend....mine was good .... I spent it with my two kids..... Trinity (7) @ Skye (6)..... I love them with all my heart..... looking at your post it sounds like your trying to get something published......I wish you much success ..... I'd like to be of some help but the truth is I know nothing about writing at all..... I can only give you moral support....I'm using this site as a soundboard for an Idea/theory that I've had for years..... the subject is Immortality......and that there is a good chance it can be achieved in our lifetime.....mechanically......meaning a machine can be made that will make humans Immortal..... this is not Sci- fiction nor is Non-fiction......My hope is that a real writer will take some interest in producing a book about this subject and help me help Humanity rid itself of all that ails sickness, no disease, no suffering..... no DEATH...... We have the technology ....... in my project i kind of give an idea of why I think it can be done...... but the real substance of this endeavor is...... I have a basic blueprint or plan for the machine.....the corner stone of the design is Tesla agenda is not fame or fortune but simply to be a catalyst in the manifestation of one of the most important machines in the history of mankind.....thank you, it is not my intention to bore you or scare you.....Please share this if you think you can help......
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Posted: 6/26/2015 3:40 PM PDT
I ran across this web page from a group I belong too, Guide to Literary Agents.  I'm opening more doors to help me make the right decisions on how to get my book(s) published. Hope I can make some great, supportive friends that can work together and answer quetions.

Have a great weekend.
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