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Posted: 5/4/2009 8:33 PM PDT
Write your later chapters and then come back to the beginning. Sometimes you don't know where your characters start until you figure out where they're going. It might spark an idea. :) It always worked for me.
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Posted: 3/25/2009 10:46 AM PST
i think that the first couple of things should be about something completley different than where your gonna go ,, i havnt read it but im not above not reading it in the future ,, But yeh anyways , HOw about some sort of plot twist Where he witnesess an accident , Or something seemingly incidental that you could tie into the story later ,, Mabye he sees this other person And tries rescuing them from something and originally fails ,, Or not .. i mean the choices are endless really your only limited by your imagination , Find an object in your room and write about it , if it was a living thing what would its story be about , how has it bin used , how will it be used .. what will be its destiny , you can take these things and incorporate them into charecter development ,, the important thing i like is to be very vauge so it leaves the reader to make up their own mind , about any given issue ,, Mabye you can introduce a flashback scean to make him seem more developed due to past circumstances , so even though hes not " DEVELOPED" now .. its clear at one point he was .. If that makes sense . I mean really your only limits are what you put on yourself , Is this book g rated .? x rated ? theres alot of content that can be pusued from either aspect but know who your trying to reach. Mabye he is beaten Up , Mabye raped , Mabye He is Crazy, Make up a reason why , and decribe in alot of detail how it happened . and boom Personality and plots pretty much write themselves after that. Dont give up , And if you want anymore help or anything look me out k .. Cheers Good luck 1Love<3
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Posted: 3/17/2009 12:31 AM PST
Okay, so I've written a trilogy (The Raven Trilogy), and I didn't really get stuck once. Now, trying to write about life after all the crap I put my boys though, I'm stuck. It just... doesn't work, but I really want to write it. It's the first few chapters that have me stumped, really. When I was still writing the third, I started on bits and pieces of the fourth. But I can't fill in the start; not well enough for me to be happy with it. I wrote them (kinda), but they don't suit the character; a somewhat unemotional teenage boy living with a vampire and a werewolf, both acting as his fathers. Well, the first chapter has him being unemotional; after that he's confused and sometimes overly emotional. But anyway, I'm just... stuck. Any advice on characterization? Or anything that would put me more in his head? Maybe a more relevent beginning? I mean, the story is set with the kid going to high school and (prepare for the lame clicheness) falls for somone (heheh, total boy meets boy). But the start is him talking to a vampire about being human/undead and unemotional. It doesn't suit anything else that's been happening. I don't know what to write the first chapter/s about. And I have no idea about a Prologue, and I always have one now... Gah. Any advice would be awesome. (And if you wanna read my story, go for it. If not, then I'm cool with that =D)
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