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Posted: 2/18/2015 2:55 AM PST
I'm currently writing a new book about a parallel world. 
. . . . . Have you ever wondered why you dream? . . . . . .
Above us, floating around and peering down at the humans below is a world; a world of Seraphs to which most humans are ignorant. These Seraphs, sometimes described as ‘guardian angels’ are assigned to humans when they are born and are charged with following and guarding their human throughout their life.It is only when the human is asleep, however, that the Seraph can really do their work. Having followed their human through their day, the Seraph will then sit next to their Ward through the night and go over their thoughts and ideas – helping the human to digest and understand what is going on around them. What is not clear to the human, though, is the manipulation that they also experience, as their Seraph tries to persuade and entice the human in question. Thus, when the human wakes the following morning, they may do and say things according to the instructions that they have been given.
In this book however, Ben (the main character) is able to interact with his Seraph, Gabriel, in a way that should never happen . . . .

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