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Posted: 2/5/2011 8:02 AM PST
I was rooting for the Jets as well. But since it's not 1968, I wasn't expecting much.
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Posted: 2/4/2011 6:01 PM PST

Not a Packers fan? I don't care who wins, I was rooting for the Jets. But at least it's going to be a blue collar super bowl.
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Posted: 2/4/2011 7:22 AM PST
The Super Bowl is 2 days away, and Green Bay is playing Pittsburgh. So what? My best friend confided that he will wear his Packer's costume out to a bar or other venue to watch the game? Packer's costume? Oh, yeah................... My 50 something best friend isn't even going to a strange city where nobody knows him to dress up like it's Halloween, he's going to do it right here in town where he could run into anybody who knows him. Wow............. Now I'm thinking, it would make a hysterical cutsie story. I can just picture Wilson's Bar, with some guy in too much grease paint trying to play pool during half time. And Wilson smiling and serving Packer's snack plates. I can just picture it.
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