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Posted: 2/14/2009 7:44 AM PST
Whoops! Missed the forum I was aiming for with this thread. I have a crappy aim with the mouse!
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Posted: 2/14/2009 7:33 AM PST
I notice a lot of writers get upset when people post feedback that compares their work to that of another author. Originality is a great goal of a writer and we should all certainly seek it out. But I would advice you not to let comments like this upset you; in fact, I would appreciate it if I were you. Readers need a frame of reference when they read. When you pick up a book, I guarantee that you will relate one of the characters to someone you met in real life, or a character's thought to one you have had in the past. Or perhaps draw similarities to a book you have read and enjoyed before before. Drawing on previous experiences (or known as their frame of reference) when embracing a new piece of work is important, else you would not be able to empathise with anything in the story. Empathy is a great element that is fundamental in writing. So when you do get reviewers saying 'this reminds me of book x by author y", don't be downhearted. It means that your reader has drawn on something they have read and enjoyed in the past and will likely enjoy yours. Unless they say 'this is a copy of book x', they are not assuming that your work is a copy of book x.
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