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Start laughing!
Posted: 7/11/2014 9:15 PM PDT

Hi Guys Some years ago I won We Book comp with my crossover YA fiction In Case of Emergency Please Notify : Orlando Bloom. Got a lot of great feedback with readers who wanted to see it published. I have substantially updated story arc and published as Ebook Via Smashwords. New title is In Case Of Emergency Please Notify: Jet Hunter. It's a little Brigit Jones, a little The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole with a female teen protagonist who is your average Gen Y monster. (Some of my best friends and siblings are Gen Y monsters so don't take it personally). In the main  - it is just good comedy. It is available free this month if you like comedy and you think this may be your thing, I would appreciate a review. Happy to read and review your work. (I do write for a living as a lifestyle journalist) 

"Hint – if a sweeping saga of friendship, betrayal, romance, eco adventure, crime and punishment, Hollywood hotties, out of control teen parties, bingo, body piercing, bodybuilding and babysitting isn’t your thing then hurry, there’s a seat left on the bus next to Gran.  And kindly stop clogging up the bandwidth; a certain A- lister may be trying to connect."

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