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Posted: 8/30/2011 5:46 PM PDT
Just signed a publishing contract! For anyone that has facebook...come join my page!/pages/Amy-Richie-Author-Page/167413166631322 Or come check out my website: "Timeless" After the earth is crippled by the asteroid Jewell, vampires come to the aid of the survivors. Some only want to help, others merely want to protect their way of life. And some simply have to be stopped. Eva was created for one purpose, to kill notorious vampire Dominick Letrell. Neleh has devised a plan that can not fail; travel back in time to when Dominick was his weakest and attack him there. Along with the help of David, the most intelligent vampire alive, the plan is set in motion. But then suddenly everything goes wrong and Eva is trapped in the past with no memory of why or how she got there. What happens when all the rules change? Available soon at
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