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Posted: 7/4/2011 9:39 PM PDT
Phantasmagoria answers the ostensibly simple dual question of who murdered Sir Ash Thompson, GBE, and why. Detective Lieutenant Jack Styber, the hard drinking cop, gold-hearted cop who always gets his man, delves into the mystery. He first meets Olik, the butler, who hides more than his Swedish accent in plain sight. He gets pointed to Peter, Ash's ardent friend and confidante whose dreams are rivaled in their ambition by his ego and intelligence. But suspicion draws him to Dot, the stunningly beautiful artist whom Ash had commissioned and fired. And Rubeus, the putrid, stoner-musician, comes to be a heavy burden on his heart. And so their tale plays out, interspersed with poems, short stories, and digressions, on the backdrop of Seattle. The book draws heavily on Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Meso-American, and, particularly, Norse mythologies. It incorporates homages, pastiches, and elements of pop culture as well as many literary and cinematic genres as well as specific works. It will make you laugh both dismissively and heartily, cry both indignantly and serenely, ponder thoughts both profound and inane. And, in the end, it will leave you with a memory and a grimace of surprise. I would really appreciate some thoughts, comments, and feedback. Here's the link. Thanks!
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