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Posted: 2/26/2010 6:36 PM PST
Hey Sheena. "Just write..." That can seem a little harsh. For starters, it's not something someone normally would say, though sometimes I agree with it. "Just write" can mean multiple things. Poems come from inspiration. If you found insiration in the world "just write" about it. Keeping a journal for your thoughts can help, too. I find that some of the things I write in my journal are very useful for my story ideas. When your drowning, it's hard to write, but if you force yourself to "just write", no matter what form of type(those are probably the same but, grrr, colds mess with my head... Off the point) of writing you do, it can free you. If forcing yourself to write, just wait a bit and find an inspiration. Hope I helped. Watch out for plot holes!!! GothWriter
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Posted: 2/19/2010 5:03 PM PST
I have to agree that you have to start writing... something. Everyone has to start writing somewhere and that's why you write a "first draft", which then gets edited a few times. Nobody, NOBODY, ever writes a perfect first draft. If you want to think of it another way, consider a portrait painter. First they do a rough sketch of what they want to paint. Sometimes the sketch is on the actual canvas, sometimes not, but it usually doesn't look all that great. Add a layer or two of paint (first edit), it's still not all that impressive. But after a few layers of paint, some small changes, the piece finally comes out looking rather spectacular. That'd be your published book. Honestly, it really sounds more difficult than it is. I hate bad writing, which has stopped me from writing anything of merit. But I recently decided to just suck it up and write something, anything. Once I did that, I ended up with some great ideas and am a few pages into writing a book. I may never finish this particular book, but at least I got started. I can also highly recommend a program I found in another thread here at WeBook: Writer's Cafe ( ). In particular, the program has some great writing tips and I just love their random Writing Prompt. The full version is $60, but the demo has unlimited time and still has very useful features. There is also a journal and "notebook" to keep track of random writing ideas.
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Posted: 1/14/2010 11:08 AM PST
Hi Sheena, Well, I totally understand how you feel, including the bad-writing-thing. However, I am convinced it is most important that you don't stop writing. First of all, are you talking about prose or poetry? Poetry blocks are hard to break, I don't really have an answer to that really. Except for the obvious tip: wait it out, try not to worry about it, frustrations won't help. Something will come around that catches you attention and you will be able to write about it. Maybe the prose tips will help you also when you're writing poetry, I don't really know, cause I always wrote both. If it's prose: Are you working at a project right now that won't succeed? Cause if you do, you should read another post of mine, called "Can't finish your greatest piece of work?". If you have nothing to start with (in both cases actually), you are being overcritical. You don't feel like you'll write the best right now, so you don't write at all (that's how it was in my case anyway). In that case, you have to do yourself a favor: write on burning paper (figuratively speaking, for your safety). Write something, it doesn't have to make any sense at all, and throw it away. Don't let anyone read it, and don't read it over yourself. Make it crazy, violent, peaceful, endless, short, about something you like, or someone you hate, it doesn't matter. I know it helped me out (see my post also), and you have a good chance it will work for you also. Think about a scene where YOU are fascinated about, where YOU wanna know how it ends, write exactly how you wanna right it, cause no one will read it, remember? And then you might just like a part of it so much you want to extent it. At that point, you like your own writing again and you want to write again. Mission accomplished. I hope it's as easy as it sounds, for you. Good luck and start writing again soon! SC
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Posted: 1/8/2010 9:14 PM PST
i'm new, first off. so, hello. they call me sheena. :]. second off, i'm at loss. i love to write; it helps me breathe. right now, i'm drowning, but i can't seem to find my heart to write with. help? suggestions, ideas, or maybe even a sentence? don't tell me to "just write", though. i'm entirely to perfectionist for that and can't STAND bad writing. ha. :/. thanks for all your help!
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