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A discussion to stoke your writing fire.
Posted: 11/5/2008 7:46 AM PST

A list of suggestions: *helping a friend *helping a family member *apologizing to a friend *playing with a friend *marrying a friend *getting A+ on your final exams *eating a kind of food that you never tried before *experiencing the real world as an adult (the coming of age is very popular in young adult literature) *finding out new things *playing with puppet shows *getting mad at your puppets because your puppets are so stupid *being jealous that your cousin received more money from grandmother than you did (one way to cure this is to not ask people's money or have poorer friends) *befriending and betraying your enemy so you can get ahead in life *seeing a rainbow in the sky and wondering what the rainbow is about *cheating on a test at school *worrying about your retirement and social security check *worrying about your mid-life crisis because you think you have not accomplished anything worthwhile *voting for president of the USA
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Posted: 11/2/2008 11:39 AM PST
i write poems mainly sad and depressing and when i try to make them happy they turn out being sad anyway i need some topics i could write about anything will do just a suggestion
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