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Posted: 3/25/2011 8:33 PM PST
The days of our week are mythological in origin: Saturday - Saturn's Day - Saturn Sunday - Sun's day - this is also of roman/latin origin The other days come from Norse mythology Moday - monandaeg - moon's day Tuesday - Tyr's day - Tyr Wednesday - Woden's day - Odin Thursday - Thor's day - Thor Friday - Frigg's day - Frigg. BUT the Romance language names are still Roman in origin For example in French: Tuesday = Mardi - Mar's Day Wednesday = Mercredi - Mercury's day Thursday = Jeudi - Jove's day (Jupiter) Friday = Vendredi - Venus' day.
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Posted: 2/5/2011 9:13 AM PST
In astronomy there's names of planets (Mercury, Venus...). The still widely prevalent belief that planets can influence fate (astrology) probably derives from the notion of planets as gods. There are buildings still in use today which were dedicate to the gods, e.g. the Pantheon in Rome, now a church. Three's the caduceus, the staff carried by Hermes/Mercury, that Beruthiel mentioned. There's names of months, e.g. January is named after Janus. July is named after Julius Caesar and August is named after Augustus Caesar (Roman emperors were commonly declared to be divine). In some languages days of the week are named after Roman gods, e.g. Mercredi is named after Mercury. Mercury, the element, is also named after Mercury the god. Volcanoes are named after Vulcan. Cereals are named after Ceres. Fortune comes from Fortuna, terminus from Terminus, flora and fauna from Flora and Faunus. The Sun is often referred to as Sol, the Roman god of the Sun, and Martian days (each about 20 minutes longer than an Earth day) are referred to as sols. There's probably a lot more, but I hope that will do for a start.
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Posted: 2/3/2011 4:25 PM PST

Not sure what you are asking here. Do you mean things like Aesclepius' cadeusus (sp.??) being still used as a medical symbol? Please be more specific.
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Posted: 1/8/2011 10:19 PM PST
Is anyone an expert on how Roman myths are still be portrayed in the modern world such as in construction, medical, education. You know, just things we do every day and see every day but have a deep rooted connection to ancient Roman myths and legends? Oh, and I am WELL aware that the majority if not all the Roman deities are an evolved form of the Greek Olympians such as Hera/Juno etc... I am looking for roman myths with the gods if any exist that are relevant to the modern world.
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