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Posted: 9/6/2014 8:26 AM PDT
Hey, just another writer looking for an exchange of feedback. I am of course going to go through the other post's asking for feedback, but I figured i'd put myself out there too.

Here's a summary of sorts. Or a teaser:
The meaning of life is not what you think. It is not meaningful, as one would hope, and it is not yours, humans. Not at all. Your meaning is not, and has never been, your own.

My book is called Agar, I will link below, and is written in the format of several short stories that combine to form one book. There is a common plot to all this, of course, it's not just a book of unconnected short stories.

At the moment i've only put up the prologue and the beginning of one of the short stories. I don't write the stories in order though, so i'm just going to upload the stories, and as soon as I can get them in order with the extra bits, they will be. You'll probably understand what I mean if you read what i've got.

Anyway, if you feel like reading, just leave me some feedback and mention anything you want me to read at the end!

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