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Posted: 9/11/2008 12:06 PM PDT
I like this idea, too. I also think that it might be a good idea to keep track of how many story lines you want to talk about and make sure each has its own conflict and plot. It seems like you have two topics: an abusive childhood, which is in the past, and how the woman is dealing with her mother in her own parenting, which would be in the present. (Am I reading this right?) I think it might be helpful if you jotted down a couple of ideas about the story line of each segment-- past and present. Then as you write you could weave them together and echo off each other in interesting ways.
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Posted: 9/10/2008 8:07 PM PDT
I like the idea of starting with the Mother's funeral as odd as that sounds. After that, maybe just proceed slightly chronologically through significant moments--as if she's remembering her life with her mother as her mother is being buried. The novel could potentially be cyclical by ending and beginning with the mother's funeral. As to new character introduction--try to think about how people came into your life and write it. The simplest way to do things is draw on real life. You can always put a person in and then explain as you go along who they are and why they are there. First or third person? I'm not sure. I feel like this type of story would be more effective as a first person story, but you need to really get into being that character for it to work. 3rd person has it's drawbacks too. In this case, I think 3rd person would probably isolate the main characters from the reader...possibly too much. Hope this was helpful. -AndiJayne
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Posted: 9/4/2008 7:26 PM PDT
hi. you should write from the daughter's prospective. the way to write it would be to talk about her life now and her difficulties struggling with certain relationships and then link it to her past like a flash back. this way your readers will be excited to read more.
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Posted: 9/4/2008 4:42 PM PDT
k so im writing a book.... i have this idea which is below... im struggling with how to start it... from present backwards and then forwards again? or from the childhood to present? and should it be in first person or third? how do i introduce new characters in as they play a role in her life family, friends, neighbors..etc... HELP! see below: A Daughters Struggle with Forgiveness and Relationships. A biography of a daughters struggle to forgive a mother who was never there. Who has always been dependant on her own daughter. A book where roles are reversed and the daughter is the mother and mother the daughter; how she lives with it today in her present life and how it affects her relationships with men, friends and even her own daughter.
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