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Posted: 11/30/2008 8:08 PM PST
hmmm...what about something like: jagged petals dark rose black thorn foolish ...i don't know...just suggestions. good luck chica! -shuga
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Posted: 11/30/2008 5:13 PM PST
God! I need a good title for my book! I was thinking of these three names: Darkness and Light; Kissed by a Rose Thorn, or just Kissed by a Rose; Thorn. But they seem... I don't know... so so, you know? I am searching for a single word that is vage and gives it and air of mystery. PLEASE if you have a tile for this post it. Here is some info about it: Roe Castle has always thought she was ordinary but she is about to find out that she is nothing close ordinary. She meets a family of wizards called the Wilcotts and they help her with her magic but she finds her powers hard to manage. Since her magic has been bottled up for so long her powers are stronger than other wizards'. Every emotion or movement could trigger her magic, so she has to be very careful. ALL the time. If that's not bad enough some idiot is coming on to her secret and tries to see what she is hiding, so she has to be even more carful than before. Later in the book she finds herself in love with someone she can't have. She falls in love with pure evil, the enemy. He is actually EVIL, dark magic and all that stuff! Oh god this is better than a soap opera! Will Roe be able to control her powers? How did she get them anyway? Will her secret be exposed? Will she and the one she loves be able to be together, will he even love her back? Read DARKNESS AND LIGHT to find out! Quote from book that i would REALLY hope the Title over shadow is: "I should have know better, a rose might be beautiful but you still can be pricked by its thorns." (This quote refers to when the guy she loves almost killed her, you will find out he was hypontized, and she thinks she is a fool to have believed he loved her. She is VERY hurt but is puzzled by the fact he brought her to the hospital if he wanted her dead but disregards it. PLEASE SUGGEST SOME TITLES!!!! I AM BEGGING YOU!
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