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Posted: 5/19/2014 7:39 AM PDT
I’ve begun making major revisions to one of my already published novels. The book is titled “We the People Are Good to Eat”, and is now available at and at I originally wrote and posted it as a Work in Progress, here at, back in 2008 and 2009. Back then the project received around 200 very positive reviews from other webook members. The novel is classified as dystopian science fiction, similar to “The Hunger Games”; though very distinctly different. The story contains a strong element of dark comedy; The plot summary states: “In a fatally overpopulated future Earth, all that the people have to eat is each other and they thank God for every meal. ”In this world, keeping the population trimmed and the meat quota filled is every citizen’s responsibility. Gladiator-type combat games have become a high school sport. This is the student’s way of participating in both the population trimming and meat harvest. “A Cheerleader discovers that some things in this world are not the way that everyone believes, and strange things begin to happen. “‘A week ago,’ she said, ‘I was killed for food, and all was right with the world. Now I’m alive again, and the world’s turned upside down.’” The book was published in 2011, but less than a dozen copies have been sold. I’ve found that to be very depressing and disheartening; like all the time and work I put into it accomplished nothing. “All is vanity and a chasing after wind.” Now I’ve decided to stop feeling bad about it. I have begun making revisions. I have never been satisfied with the ending. It’s much too abrupt. Now I’m trying to develop ideas about continuing the narrative beyond where it now ends, and I would like to receive some helpful suggestions. The entire original project, with the title “We Citizens Are Good to Eat” is now open among my projects, for any webook member to read and review without cost. Anyone who wants to take the time and read the novel should go to: . Then anyone who completes the reading is also welcome to give constructive feedback about how to further develop the narrative, beyond where it now ends; and I will do my best to read and give feedback to any of his or her works Thank you.
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