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Posted: 5/27/2015 11:33 AM PDT
Just to play devils advocate to @mynei for the sake of input:

I think whether a story line is overused or not is really dependent on the writing personally. So while there may be many books and movies about prison breaks, it doesn't mean yours wouldn't/couldn't be interesting, have something new to add. I've read some beautifully written books on some very cliche topics that somehow transcended lots of other writing on the matter. Besides, aspiring to a completely original base concept is nearly impossible, and besides, it's overrated. There's been a book written about everything at this point, no reason not to give it a crack yourself, in my personal opinion.

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Posted: 4/24/2015 4:21 PM PDT
It's a bit hard to judge since you didn't give much information, but from what I can tell, it's a very mainstream idea. Prison breaks have been subjects of many movies. However, if you add a interesting back story and characters, you might be able to write another Shaw shank redemption. 
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Posted: 4/14/2015 1:26 PM PDT
Hey I'm new. I've written a story called Vietnam Prison Break. It's about a young British lad finds himself arrested in Vietnam. When he loses his patience with the conditions of the prison, he decides to plan his escape..

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!!
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