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Posted: 5/31/2010 1:26 AM PDT
Thanks :) That was the reply I was looking for :) This will also help me a lot in future stories I may write. I will post the first chapter to my page soonish if you would like to read Once again thank-you very much :)
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Posted: 5/30/2010 1:50 PM PDT
Alright. Police station: busy, well lit, bustling with cops, crooks, janitors, the odd dog, water cooler, and secretary. Men (depending on time, women too) with guns on their hips, joking with each other, drinking coffee, filing papers. The setting also depends on what time it is in both aspects. As in, is it day or night? A police agency would be busier during the day than at night. At night there would be a lot less people (duh) and it would just be more subdued. Another thing to think about is what time period is it. As in year, century. Obviously the stations of Sherlock's day were a touch different from a modern one. The body's resting place: this also depends on multiple aspects, mostly the murderer's. If the murderer was clumsy, or hurried, the body might just have been dumped in a river, left where it was, or dumped in the woods, off a cliff etc. If he/she was more meticulous, the body might have been first burned and then the remains buried. The murderer might have taken the body far, far out into the ocean and dumped it. The scene would also be different depending on if this is when the police have arrived or when the body is first stumbled upon. When the police get there, there is a lot of noise, photographs, yellow tape, numbered items. The body is outlined in white paint. The body is probably covered up on a gurney. Vans are everywhere and everyone looks busy. If it was farmer joe digging up vegetables and finds a dead girl, the scene would look different. I don't know if I helped or just made it confusing, but my suggestion would be to first off, know precisely when everything happens (okay, if you don't know what day of the week, that's fine) and to watch "Murder, She Wrote," "Poirot," "Perry Mason" is good and anything Agatha Cristie. good luck!
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Posted: 5/27/2010 2:55 PM PDT
Okay, you could use some of these: Darkness was everywhere, engulfing me, drowning me. The maze of rooms seemed like a labyrinth (or something within those lines). was seemingly never ending. A thin layer of dust covered the desks and pencils, everything was so ancient. Okay were those alright? I was just having a bit of fun putting them into sentences, but I'm sure that you got the idea.
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Posted: 5/19/2010 10:39 PM PDT
Hey. I am writing a murder mystery. I need help writing a scene about a police agency. Its based in England. I just can't seem to think of anything to describe it. Please could you help me this, thanks, your help is much appreciated. I also need help describing a scene where A body of a 23 year old girl was found. Thank-you Courtz95
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