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Posted: 6/4/2015 8:35 PM PDT
This is just an idea I had for a story that I don't yet have the skills to write -- It pains me greatly to say this and the pain is mitigated by the pain of the thought of giving this idea away or attempting to sour too high and fail to do the subject proper justice.

It's about a 39 year-old disillusioned house-husband named Zelmir Tyler whom has an affair with  an 18 year-old boy, Lothario Winters -- whom happens to be a close friend of his twins, Emmiline and Fabian -- after he learns that his husband of 19 years, Blaze Westborne, has been cheating on him with the mother of their children, Avalaide Kinny, from Avalaide's recently-kicked-to-the-curb ex-girlfriend, Grace Morgan.
I wanted it to be written a voice similar to Sandy Pressman in Judy Bloom's Wifey, but I fear that the cerebral tone of my writing and my propensity for Southern Gothic elements will hinder the work.
At a loss as to what to do.

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