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Posted: 2/22/2014 2:47 PM PST
What comes to mind is to make him kind of insectile.  There have been portrayals of hives of vampires and whatnot before, like give them a hive mind, but you could mix that with something like a spawning species, or something like that.  Between Nosferatu and the much newer movie Priest, where the vampires are really extraterrestrials without eyes that feed on human blood, I don't know, there are ways you could do it, but where I shine is by taking ideas that have been done before and tweaking them, as opposed to coming up with something really brand new.  
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Posted: 2/22/2014 2:30 PM PST
One of the things that really drew me to vampires recently was when I read Anno Dracula and The Difference Engine back to back.  Both of which are kind of alternate histories, and they kind of intersect during a particular era.  The original Dracula was really big into machinery, and technology.  He was totally fascinated with new technology in all its forms, probably Bram Stoker's take on the folk belief that vampires are kind of OCD, resulting in one folk cure for vampires, which was to leave nets out, because upon seeing them, they would be compelled to untie all the knots, and they wouldn't be able to finish before sunrise, which would kill them.  

Anyway, when Dracula comes to Britain, Charles Babbage's son was still alive, and trying to get funding for his father's analytical machine to build.  It seems like a vampire of Dracula's status would be very interested in one, how such a machine would work and two, what you could do with it.  I'm thinking of a vampire Ada Byron, the Queen of Engines, the first computer programmer.  Since Lord Ruthven, which was a contemporary of Dracula, had been based on Lord Byron, and Ada was Byron's step daughter, it all feels like it should fit together really well.  In Anno Dracula, after Drac became Prince Consort, he started transforming Britain from a constitutional democracy to a police state.  What better tool to run a police state than computer technology everyone else is a hundred years behind on.  Finally, there are versions of vampires that use vampire blood to animate inanimate objects and turn them into gargoyles.  Imagine a Babbage Engine animated by vampire blood.  Like, the vampire bleeds blood into the computer to run it, and the computations it does becomes a part of his mind, since the blood gets redrank into his system or something.  
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Posted: 11/26/2013 3:26 AM PST
Maybe try out the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley, it's while since I read any of them but if I remember rightly he had some good twists on the Vampyre and its goings on.
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Posted: 11/22/2013 8:05 AM PST
Here on I have posted an anthology titled "A Dozen and One Vampire Tales".  These are fanfiction short stories, based on the former TV Series "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer".

One of the stories, titled "A Highly Valued Employee" begins:

The sun was about to set, when Harmony’s alarm went of.  The 23-year-old woke up naked, with a naked dead guy in her bed.  She’d always felt good when that happened.  She couldn’t think of a better way to start the night.  Then she thanked God for what she’d had to eat.

She got up and stood in front of the mirror, brushing her fangs, combing her yellow, shoulder length hair, and fixing her make-up.  The full figured Harmony wondered why no one else could see a vampire’s reflection, but she could see her own.  She liked what she saw.  When she extended her fangs, her face did not become disfigured, like they did on those fictitious vampires, who were featured on certain popular TV shows.

She thought, I’m a deadly beauty.

She put on her bright yellow dress, with matching vest and pumps, and picked up her matching handbag.

She reached in her handbag, and took out a copy of the “Vampire’s Handbook”; which was subtitled “Being a Vampire Doesn’t Have to Suck”.  Under the subtitle was a cartoon smiley face with fangs.  Under the smiley face was the blurb “What every new vampire should know.”

She walked over to the bed, put a copy of the handbook between the dead guy’s limp fingers, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and went out the door.


While these stories are not entirely original, they received many very positive feedbacks, when I first posted them on  If you'd like to take a look, just go to my projects.  As of now, the anthology is the second in line.

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Posted: 3/30/2013 9:55 AM PST
Hello Shannon Go back and read the original 'Dracula' then sit down and watch 'Nosferateu'. This should give you some ideas. Next sit down and watch 'The Night of the Hunter', possibly the most terrifying movie you'll ever watch. This should give you some more ideas. Finally, watch 'Night of the Living Dead', about zombies rather than vampires, but it should give you a few more ideas. All the best with your writing. Warmest regards Riis
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Posted: 8/11/2011 8:48 AM PDT
I am writing a horror book dealing with a vampire invasion into a tiny village in the south. I am brainstorming ways to make the head vampire Dracula fresh. I don't want it to be only "he bites you and you become Undead". I have toyed with the weird (his tongue down your throat injects venom) to the sexually morbid (his semen ejaculated into a woman makes her a vampire). Maybe he never kills, but may send rats or others to kill for him? I need something that has never been done before. What I don't want is for the head vampire to be "cool and beautiful" like some of the late 20th century movies have portrayed him; I want to return him to the image of a maniacal, beastly, morbid, violently sexual creature. Any thoughts on how to make him unique?
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