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Posted: 3/22/2014 7:11 AM PST
I have posted a Supernatural Thriller, which I began a few years ago, and is for now is titled “Innocent Vampire Gals”.  I’ve already completed a considerable amount; 27,694 words, on 89 pages.  I believe that I’ve reached a major turning point in the plot; but I have no idea where to take it from there, and have been unable to move beyond that point for the past few years.         

The plot concerns a woman named Victoria Milford, who runs a nightclub where unlawful activities are going on, with her getting a percentage of every transaction.  She is killed by a blackmailing vampire, comes back as a vampire herself, and is then suspected in the vampire killing of her absentee business partner’s ex-girlfriend, named Kate Nellington.  Her business partner is named Jim Manetti.

Victoria goes on the run, and hides out in a community named Sangreville, which is known as a “Vampire Town”.

In the meantime, Kate Nellington is now also a vampire.  Jim Manetti, along with Kate’s fiancé Pete Reynolds, bring her to Sangreville, where they’ve learned about a certain resident who has magical powers, and might be able to restore Kate’s soul and bring her back, as close as possible, to normal.

I am going to need more than feedback on what I've already written.  If any of you do complete the reading of what I've posted so far, and then have some helpful suggestions about how to further develop the plot, please let me know what they are.

Thank you.

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