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Posted: 6/16/2010 6:38 PM PDT
as usual, it all depends on the elements. Who's fighting makes a big difference in the type of fighting. If you have a...knight, he'd be good, but old-fashioned, depending on your type of knight, I suppose. If it's someone not used to sword fighting, there would be a lot of running and using the environment to escape from the sharp and pointy object. If you have a massive sword fight, lots of clanging, lots of running and general slashing. Sword play becomes boring fast if they just sit and parry thrust, block, feint, hit, the whole time. Moving through the environment is always an interesting and fun thing to see. If one of the characters is protecting another (especially a guy protecting the girl...though it would most amusing turned around) you could have them either arguing (the whole stop helping me, or stop distracting me or even, the fighting is a sidenote) or the non fighting one could be 'helping' the fighter (this is where it would amusing to have the woman protecting the man) or they could tag team it. It's usually fun to have one person with a sword and another grabbing random objects and having them A.) sliced through, or B.) broke, knocked out hands etc. But combining acrobatics with sword fighting is the most interesting though also, possibly, the most challenging. Having one person vs....a lot is always interesting too, because then the one person either gets his/her butt kicked (not the whole time as that's just aggravating) or shows off some awesomeness by using someone as a shield to kill them, etc. The fun part about sword fights is the wonderful opportunity for humor and action blended together to make a marvelous smoothie. Ok. Weird analogy. Anyway, hope that helped. If you want me to try to be more specific, you can ask. Or you can ask someone more helpful. Sorry if i'm confusing...or off topic, or just problematic. Good luck, and Write on!
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Posted: 6/12/2010 3:51 PM PDT
In regards to # 4... It could be something that you add to the "I love you", e.g. "I love you in spite of everything you've done", this can grow the tension opening opportunities for more plot... Or "I love you and I know you hate me", etc... I hope it helps.
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Posted: 6/12/2010 3:25 PM PDT
thanks i appreciate you help. :) btw. I'm currently trying to write a sword fight scene... any ideas on that?
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Posted: 6/11/2010 12:23 PM PDT
the easiest way to make the climatic I love you be less climatic and to continue the story is to have a large, epic battle. Or an urgent message that continues the story line. Usually something that either separates the lovers or sends them somewhere together, usually testing their love. Battles are wonderful for doing things like that. This could also help out your number three bit. You'll grab a lot more males if you have action. Most guys do not like romances and will avoid them if at all possible unless it looks like there's going to be a lot more than just lovey-dovey stuff. Espionage is also a good story element. Especially if one of your characters gets mixed up in it. I'm not sure how to help you with number 2 without more information. If a character gets in a fight and is outnumbered and good rooftop run will add a change of scenery and helps the character. The chase might be another good way to break up your problematic love scene and divert attention off of it, hence make it less climatic.. Well let me know if that helps or if you want more ideas. I've got an entire head full of them, I just don't know if they work. Good luck and Write on!
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Posted: 6/10/2010 12:39 PM PDT
any suggestions on how the plot should thicken?, Here are a few things you might want to know: 1. this is a fantasy. ( there are no unicorns, faeries, or other such wizardry; nonetheless, it IS a fantasy. trust me.- i am sorry i cannot reveal anymore than that. ) 2. I am thinking of putting in a good "chase/on the run" type thing in it , but unsure when i want that to start. 3. This is a bit more of a romance than i'd like, and so far i like what i'm writing, yet I feel that the romance shouldn't be my only main focus. there are many other elements i would like to add. I want to capture a bit of a broader audience, and this is only half of my potential. i know it. 4. Where do you go after the M.C.'s have said the very climatic "I love you"? How do you make it sound not climatic? Sry if i'm asking too much, just a few ideas to get me going will help. thanks! -T.K.
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