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Posted: 3/14/2010 8:21 AM PST
Could be interesting, but when you say "just like", I hope there will be enough differences to stop it being just a copy. Your E.G. might be a girl, but since she's tomboyish enough to beat up several older boys that might not make a lot of difference plot-wise. I learned to my cost with my "Patty Horror" series that just changing the sex of the protagonists wasn't enough. OK, my Herman E. Grainger was a bit like Hermione Granger, fair enough, but they said my Rhona Stoately was like some character called Ron Weasley, when really she was stoately different. Just because she had a rat called scabbers, and because I suggested that in the film version she should be played by Rupert Grint in drag ... but I digress. :-) Anyway, the right place to introduce your project is the "introduce your project" forum. This forum is for if you've got stuck, and need some help to get you writing again. Is there anything you're stuck on? If so, you should say exactly what the problem is.
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Posted: 3/13/2010 7:18 PM PST
Okay i love the Percy Jackson story. I am writing a book just like it but from a girls point of veiw. Here are the characters: E.G. : eight year old daughter of Ares Lylith: Daughter of Aphrodite Kelly: Son of hermes E.G.s secret admirer the 13 olympian gods the fates medusa
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