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Let loose and have fun!
Posted: 3/12/2015 11:38 AM PST
Listen, if you can't help or offer some constructive/useful advice, then close your mouth and leave. 
This place basically works on give and take relationship as housedad once said. If you want someone to read your story, then you'll have to payback the favor and help in return. That's how it works.

Also, about selling projects, you can't talk about it as it is a general thing, cause it isn't. Different people like different things. Just because you won't be interested in buying her book, doesn't mean nobody would be interested. So shush!
I have returned to this site for heck knows what reasons, cause forums are pretty much dead and there's barely anything going on here. I have deleted every story I have worked on, cause it was OLD work, outdated and I'll never complete them. My writing style has changed a lot in last 4+ years. Aside with that...if you can't help, walk away. Stop being a prick. The world is full of pricks enough as it is.

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Posted: 2/6/2015 5:41 AM PST
You're a dick, a stupid dick you need to jump off a bridge you pretentious prick. You're a dick a small dick please shut up you stupid dick. Or i will punch you!!!!!!
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Posted: 10/14/2014 3:51 PM PDT
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Posted: 9/30/2014 12:47 PM PDT
You're a jerk you know that you really are! ): A simple no and some positive criticism would have been good enough!
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Posted: 9/13/2014 8:23 PM PDT
I could tell you that you're wrong, but it's so much funnier to explain all the various ways you are wrong. You're only the hundredth 'please review me for free' poster that's graced our forum. Go join your friends in the ignored pile.
This book isn't for me, but it's not for anyone. Of course people will always get angry when told their descriptive and explanatory skills are lacking, and doubly angry when told they are being selfish and having bizarre expectations for other people to do things for them without even asking nicely and offering to provide similar services in return, but I don't really mind since that anger is really only a just punishment.
See, if I had read your story and delivered similar criticism you would only have similarly burst into petulant tears and ignored all my helpful advice, so it looks like I've handily saved myself a lot of wasted effort. How efficient!

Reporting me is a bad idea since I'm only being candid. Any unbiased observer can see.
You'll progress  more as a writer when you lose the emotional attachment to your doings and accept criticism of what you have done graciously. You'll learn how to express yourself and develop a greater ability to convey what you are describing when your skin thickens and your head thins.

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Posted: 9/13/2014 8:10 PM PDT
Wow you're a dick that was completely unneeded and rude. You should feel ashamed of yourself. I mean all you had to do was say no and saying I should feel bad was totally uncalled for! I hate disgusting people like you i really do I mean god i was just writing a post and you don't even care you're a jerk!

Couldn't you just say that the book wasn't for you, no you go that they'll throw it in someone's face. What's wrong with you! You're so mean! I mean I read your message and cried after words you are disgusting, disgusting and rude leave me alone and I'm reporting you you sick jerk! You should feel bad not me you!
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Posted: 9/13/2014 8:03 PM PDT
I'm not going to read your story, but I will give you some writing advice through the means of explaining why I'm not going to read your story.
To become a writer one must firstly be able to write. What is writing? It's a method of communication. For communication to be successful it must be clear and concise whilst sticking closely to protocol - i.e. you must be clear and have good grammar.
So, I feel like I should point out that most of your post is essentially an opaque ramble rather than a description. I have no idea what 'jkms' is. A popular group of what? I'm already confused and I'm not sure why I should care about these characters. Basically you're not piquing my interest at all.
So if you can't even sell it to me, as a nobody, how are you gonna sell it to an agent who sees an inbox full of this shit every day? And a publisher? How about if a person in a book shop read this nonsense as a blurb? They'd put your book down instantly. They might even throw it at the cashier in rage! Think of the poor cashier!!
Another problem is a clear misunderstanding of human nature. It is not in the nature of a human being to review someone else's work for no reason without any promise of some kind of remuneration. Why should I read your story? You haven't offered me anything at all. Not even a promise to read a single chapter of my novel (if it existed). 
Come back when you don't feel entitled to free help. Then you can have some more advice on why your writing is bad and you should feel bad.


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Posted: 8/30/2014 5:47 PM PDT
Hi I'm a writer right in the middle of my book that's a fanfiction, I have 4 good chapters so far but i'm having a hard time coming up with the next chapter. It's about these twins that start going to jkms and along the way get wrapped up in the evil popular group the pops, enter a talent show, geta pop to quit the group, one starts to find a crush with a new friend while also making an enemy, and so much more. I was thinking who ever joins could read my first 4 chapters than as we go along they give me good usable chapter ideas that i can use and write and i will give credit to them. So can someone help me out? I'll fill you in and everything else. Contact me soon.
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