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Posted: 4/1/2017 10:02 PM PDT
I just have a great plot for my new novel. This is an adventure novel, a year long adventure. The adventure of a young girl, Allysa Stewert and her friends, who are trying to return back an ancient, powerful artifact, The Scarlet Orb to Ngewo Wa( U gotta read the novel to know about him) in order to keep it safe. But the path to their object is studded with spikes, from a villanous explorer to unearthly devilish creatures called.....( U gotta read). So, I have cool plot , dont I? I have completed the first chapter of this novel. And, I know need you to give some feedback about my novel. Please, I will be awaiting your reply. The name of the novel is: Allysa Stewert and the Mystery of the Scarlet Orb. The link to this webook project can be found at the webook home page.
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