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A place for Round 3 Raters (and writers!) to discuss their experiences
Posted: 5/22/2011 8:47 PM PDT
I can't believe it, but I've rated 76 Round 3 entries. Seems Lanette and I might be the craziest here with that amount racked up. So far, I've rated 12 fives and 12 fours. Didn't plan to have any kind of a bell curve, but interesting they've shaken out that way. I'm still really enjoying rating the entries over morning coffee and have learned so much about pacing, plot, and what holds my interest. And so many genres I've never touched before! Way cool experience. Plus, I find the other reviews so interesting--how we each differ on what we choose to comment on. Just thought I'd check in. Round 3 raters have been a pretty silent bunch lately.
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