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Posted: 4/5/2013 5:16 PM PDT
Riis, Very interesting. Thank you.
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Posted: 4/5/2013 2:24 AM PDT
Hello M It's nice to be back and talking to some of my old friends (well, maybe not 'old', perhaps I should be saying 'former' friends). Anything that addresses human behaviour in any of its guises: philosophy, psychology, sociology and particularly history is clearly useful when writing fiction. A very wise man, Dr Ian Mitchell, teacher of literature extraordinaire, mentor and friend, said: 'If your fictional characters are to be credible, your readers must be able to think that if situations were as described in your work, then your characters would reasonably have been expected to have behaved in the way you described.' So whether your plot involves some sort of real-life situation, fantasy, Armageddon, science fiction, historical setting (or anything else for that matter), the behaviour of your characters must be, in Dr Mitchell's words, 'credible' (I don't know about vampires though; to date none of my non-fiction reading has addressed vampire behaviour). I think a good grounding in these disciplines is helpful. All the best with your writing. Warmest regards Riis
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Posted: 4/4/2013 6:36 PM PDT
Yes, let's see how this forum turns out to be. My choices are philosophy, history too, psychology/psychoanalysis, biographies, anything related to the human brain and mental illness, arts and crafts. Do you also like writing non-fiction? How does non-fiction influence your fiction work?
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Posted: 4/4/2013 12:29 PM PDT
Hello Nunya Thanks for starting what I hope turns out to be an interesting thread. Yes, indeed, let's hear it for non-fiction. My particular choices are - in no particular order - philosophy; history - any part of the world, any period; psychology/sociology - anything to do with why we human beans do the things we do; language/linguistics - what language is and stuff; political science, and the origins of religion (I probably could add a few categories but these will do for now). And, one of the great things about the Internet is that some research is quite a bit easier now sitting at one's desk, rather than a trip to the British Library - or wherever else you need to go to do it. But use a little care when researching stuff on Wikipedia. I found at least one glaring error in some work I was doing for one of my projects. All the best with your writing. Warmest regards Riis
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Posted: 4/3/2013 1:31 PM PDT

For giving this genre a section of it own. Maybe now we can get some writers in this genre. I love to read non-fiction.
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