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Posted: 12/4/2014 8:59 PM PST
Plyers placed perfectly around the tooth, Eli gripped the handles firmly with his right hand and squeezed hard, left hand on placed on their forehead. He looked into Zack’s eyes and pulled as hard as he could. A large pop followed by screams of agony and the sound of the tooth bouncing across the dining room floor came shortly after. “You sick mother fuckers!”  Zack yelled through his sobs and groans. “We will be back in a week. If you don’t have our money we’ll cut off your left ear with this” Eli picked up a butter knife from the kitchen table they were sitting at and displayed it for Zack to see. “I swear to Christ ill have your money, I swear to Christ I’ll have it.” “Good. Untie him Lex.” Eli’s attention shifted to his understudy who was quickly fumbling to cut the zip ties from Zack’s hand and the kitchen chair. “You hungry? I was thinking sushi.” “Whatever you want man, whatever you want.” Lex replied. He was not yet desensitized to the work at hand, his stomach was turning and he struggled to think about food but wouldn’t say no to Eli who was looking back at Zack now. Placing a hand under his chin and lifting his head up to make eye contact Eli stated, “Think of your family. They should be back next week and I don’t think they’d enjoy our company.” Zack lifted his newly freed hands in the air and bowed his head and sobbed as if asking for mercy,  “You’ll have the money.” “I hope so.” Eli peeled off his bloody latex gloves only to reveal another pair underneath, he placed them into a plastic sack and nodded his head to Lex, signaling that it was time to go. Lex finished packing the tools into his duffle and they headed for the door. Once in the car Lex looked at Eli who was focused on the road and asked, “That doesn’t affect you at all?” Eli, keeping his eyes on the road, replied “You get used to it.” He knew he had just told a lie, more specifically the same lie that was told to him 4 years ago by Lex’s Uncle Andrei. He had to lie. He couldn’t tell him the truth. He couldn’t tell him about the nightmares and the long stares in the mirror or the suicidal thoughts and the drugs he’d use to suppress his thoughts and emotions. He couldn’t tell him all the horrors that come with working for his uncle, working for the Russian family.
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