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Posted: 5/29/2015 8:36 PM PDT
Uh-ohh. Could we have the same topic? I have just posted the 1st chapter of "From Darkness We Come" (I agonized over the title for a good half hour and I still don't like it.) I'll check your chapter 1 for mine.
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Posted: 5/29/2015 7:44 PM PDT
Hey! I'm in a similar spot and would love to help! New to the site so I have no idea how this works, but I'm down to read yours! 
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Posted: 3/20/2015 10:37 AM PST

Hey, I'm offering feedback on someones story. I only have four chapters up, so if someone has four (or less) I'll give feedback! My story is Darkness Reigns.

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