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Help for writers who want to use WEbook like a pro.
Posted: 8/4/2014 12:06 PM PDT
I have recently streamlined 5,000 words from my submitted novel. I had some very good advice accompany a query rejection and have thus eliminated a lot of redundancy and premature 'informational' passages. (The first chapters have been heavily revised-- yes, the ones submitted!) I would like to amend my agent submissions here, but if that IS possible I can't see how. I have had no response from all but one of the agents-- I began submitting several months ago.
I'm not sure how to be pro-active here on WEbook, having no response feels a bit dead-ended.
I am a full-time writer with the first two books in my series completed. 
I am very serious about publishing. Lately, I've had my head down writing as I am losing confidence in my query and budget's too tight to hire review. I am a willing partner: I am ready to revise more, jump through higher hoops, etc.
Please, I need an AGENT and advice...
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