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Posted: 10/10/2014 12:00 PM PDT
To begin with I really do love what you are doing here. However, my small hook happens on page two and my big hook on page seven. Basically, I was only able to post up 1/2 of my 1st page. I think you can tell bad writing in 1/2 of a page but not necessarily good writing. How many of the classics would have been sent up after reading just three paragraphs? Agents and editors are forcing us into a world where the hook better hit you in the face by the second paragraph. This is to save them time. Do you want every book to read the same way? The hook will have more of a bite after the reader learns about and thus cares about the protagonist. I think we can afford the luxury of reading a few pages. 

Again, I still love what you are doing. My hook just doesn't fit into the little white box.

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