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Posted: 3/1/2016 7:30 PM PST
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Posted: 2/13/2016 10:33 PM PST
I guess I should elaborate. While I only have a single chapter, I'm in search of long-term collaborative partners, since my book is almost done with its first revision--I just have yet to post the remaining chapters. I am hoping to find people on the same page, people I can work with to support and be supported, an online friend-base to realize my goals with. Here is a glimpse of my writing--my first chapter. If this is something you'd be willing to work with, then please message me. I'm an enthusiastic writer and editor, and have a bit of experience performing as both. Thanks!
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Posted: 2/13/2016 9:48 PM PST
Looking for feedback on my first chapter (only posted chapter). Would love to return the favor. :)
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