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Posted: 2/27/2011 3:23 PM PST
Hey everyone! There's an awesome new blog out there. You know those games where someone starts a story, then it is passed on and someone else continues it and so on and so forth? Well, it's like that. There is a start of a story posted. You comment and continue the story however you want to. Then about every week the creator picks one of the comments to go next in the story and adds it. Then they write the next part and open it to other people again. If the story is good the creator will turn it into an e-book and make it available for download to anyone, with each authors name if they want to be listed. Sounds cool, doesn't it! Go check it out and add to the story! Great writing practice and you could have your name on a downloadable e-book as a co-author!! I'm soo doing it!
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